Know About Michael Gambon Wife? Anne Miller

Anne Miller is known as the wife of the late Michael Gambon, who passed away peacefully at the age of 82 in a hospital following a battle with pneumonia, as confirmed by his family. A statement issued by publicist Clair Dobbs on behalf of Lady Gambon and their son, Fergus Gambon, expressed their devastation, stating, “We are devastated to announce the loss of Sir Michael Gambon.


Beloved husband and father, Michael died peacefully in the hospital with his wife Anne and son Fergus at his bedside, following a bout of pneumonia. Michael was 82.” Sir Michael Gambon’s remarkable contributions to the world of acting leave an indelible legacy.

Who is Anne Miller ?

Anne Miller is recognized as the wife of the late Michael Gambon, a renowned actor with a storied career that included iconic roles such as the Hogwarts headteacher in the Harry Potter franchise, appearances in The King’s Speech, and Gosford Park.

In 2002, the award-winning actor disclosed his relationship with set designer Philippa Hart, who was 25 years his junior, adding an intriguing facet to his personal life. Beyond his acting prowess, Gambon held a certification as a private pilot and harbored a profound passion for automobiles, which even led to his involvement in the BBC’s Top Gear program.


While Anne Miller’s personal and professional details remain relatively private, her late husband’s multifaceted interests and achievements have left an enduring mark in the realms of both entertainment and aviation.


Anne Miller

Real Name

Anne Miller




Mid 70’s


5 feet tall

Zodiac Sign


Net Worth

$2 Million USD

Birth Place











Michael Gambon

Anne Miller Age, Height, Siblings and Parents


Anne Miller, a resident of the United States, is estimated to be in her mid-70s and stands at a height of 5 feet. While details about her parents and siblings remain relatively unknown at this time, we will endeavor to gather more information about her family background in the near future. Please stay tuned for any forthcoming updates regarding Anne Miller’s personal life and family.

Who is Anne Miller Husband?

Anne Miller’s marital history reveals that she first entered into matrimony with Michael Gambon at the tender age of 22. However, Gambon has been known to maintain a veil of secrecy around his personal life, often employing humor to deflect inquiries about his family.


In response to one interviewer’s query regarding his wife, he wittily retorted, “What wife?” At a certain point in their lives, the couple resided in the vicinity of Gravesend, Kent, where Anne had her own workshop.

In February 2007, it became public knowledge that Philippa Hart, a set designer, was expecting Gambon’s child. She subsequently gave birth to their son, Michael, in May 2007. Their family expanded further when, on June 22, 2009, she gave birth to their second child, a boy named William. This marked the addition of William as Gambon’s third child, further enriching their family dynamic.


What is Anne Miller Net Worth?

The estimated Net Worth of Anne Miller is around $2 Million USD.

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