Who is James Dunmore? Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Net Worth, Wife, Parents

James Dunmore is a notable internet personality, celebrated for his presence in the digital realm. His engaging online persona has garnered him a substantial following and recognition in the vast landscape of the internet.

Recently, James and his wife, Lucy Watson, who is equally renowned as a businesswoman, television personality, and animal rights activist, shared the joyous news of her pregnancy with their first child. This heartwarming announcement, conveyed to the public today, not only illuminates their personal happiness but also resonates with their countless fans and well-wishers.

James Dunmore

As James Dunmore and Lucy Watson embark on this exciting journey of parenthood together, their shared happiness and the anticipation of a new addition to their family further solidify their standing as beloved figures in the public eye.

Who is James Dunmore?

James Dunmore is undeniably a noteworthy internet personality, who has carved a distinctive niche for himself within the digital domain. His prominence in the online sphere is underscored by an impressive Instagram following, where he commands the attention of 230,000 dedicated followers, accompanied by a curated collection of 768 engaging posts, as of the composition of this article.

James Dunmore

While his digital presence is remarkable, James Dunmore first gained widespread recognition as a reality TV star, earning his stripes on the popular show “Made in Chelsea” when he became a part of the cast in 2015.

His on-screen charisma and contributions to the show made him a standout figure in the realm of reality television. Not confining his talents to television, James also has a successful career as a model, having secured a coveted spot on the roster of the prestigious European modeling agency, Model 1. His modeling endeavors have further amplified his profile and added another layer to his multifaceted career.

The fruits of James Dunmore’s labor in the entertainment industry, both on television and the runway, have translated into substantial financial success. It is estimated that he commands a formidable net worth of £1.5 million, a testament to his accomplishments in the worlds of TV and modeling. James Dunmore’s journey from reality TV sensation to sought-after model and thriving internet personality underscores his versatility and enduring appeal in the world of entertainment and media.

James Dunmore


James Dunmore

Real Name

James Dunmore


April 6, 1989


34 years old


5.7 feet tall

Zodiac Sign


Net Worth

$1 Million USD

Birth Place











Lucy Watson

James Dunmore Age, Height, Parents and Siblings

James Dunmore, a prominent figure in the entertainment and modeling industry, came into the world on April 6, 1989, in England. As of the current date, he has celebrated 34 years of life, marked by his remarkable achievements and contributions to various facets of the entertainment world.

James Dunmore

While details concerning his parents and siblings remain relatively elusive, our commitment to providing comprehensive information remains steadfast, and we will endeavor to uncover more details about his familial background in the near future.

In terms of physical stature, James stands tall at 5 feet 7 inches (5.7 feet), a presence that undoubtedly adds to his charismatic and captivating persona. His life’s journey, characterized by his multifaceted career in television, modeling, and digital media, continues to captivate the attention and admiration of those who follow his remarkable trajectory.

Who is James Dunmore Wife?

James Dunmore and Lucy Watson are a happily married couple who have celebrated two years of marital bliss. Their enduring love and commitment to each other have been a source of joy for them and those who hold them dear.

James Dunmore

Furthermore, the couple is now eagerly anticipating the arrival of their first child, an exciting new chapter in their journey together. This delightful addition to their family promises to bring even more happiness and fulfillment to their lives as they embark on the adventure of parenthood. James and Lucy’s love story continues to flourish, now with the promise of a growing family, making their bond even stronger and more profound.

What is James Dunmore Net Worth?

The estimated Net Worth of James Dunmore is around $1 Million USD.

James Dunmore


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