Five Facts About Kenny and Armando Daughter Hannah?

Hannah, affectionately known as La Hannah, has gained recognition as the beloved daughter of Armando and Kenny, who made their appearance on Season 2 of TLC’s spinoff, “90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way.” Their heartwarming journey on the show has resonated with viewers from the very start, as it prominently features the couple’s shared responsibility of raising Armando’s daughter, Hannah.


Kenny, a devoted father, has previously raised four children primarily on his own. However, since Hannah continues to reside with her father on a full-time basis, fans of the show have had the privilege of witnessing the heartwarming dynamics between Kenny, Armando, and Hannah.

Their close-knit trio frequently embarks on adventures together, sharing delightful moments, capturing them through a plethora of engaging photos and videos that they generously share with their eager followers on Armando and Kenny’s Instagram accounts. Through these posts, fans are offered a glimpse into their joyous experiences and the genuine bond that unites this endearing family.




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Who is Hannah aka La Hannah?

Hannah has undeniably emerged as one of the standout young personalities within the expansive 90-day franchise, following in the footsteps of her father and stepfather. It’s remarkable to note that this 10-year-old reality star has been part of the television landscape for a substantial period of time.


However, despite her presence in the public eye, she doesn’t fully comprehend the reason why she, Armando, and Kenny find themselves being approached by admirers “every five minutes” when they venture out in public.

With an Instagram following of 35,000 devoted fans, Hannah’s online presence reflects her popularity within the 90 Day community. Yet, as Armando shared in a recent interview in September 2023, the young starlet doesn’t have a comprehensive understanding of what the 90 Day franchise is all about.

Occasionally, she catches glimpses of the show, but she hasn’t quite committed to watching an entire episode. Consequently, when people approach the family in public, inquiring for a friendly greeting or a photograph, Hannah can’t always fathom the reasons behind these interactions.


In Armando’s words, “Why are they asking you guys for a picture?” is a question that occasionally arises from her curiosity. While the family has endeavored to explain the situation to her, Hannah often brushes it off with a nonchalant “okay, whatever,” allowing her youthful spirit to take precedence over the complexities of their fame.

Hannah  Age, Parents and Siblings

Hannah, a delightful and cherished member of the family, was born in the United States in the year 2013, which makes her a vibrant and spirited 10-year-old. She is the beloved daughter of Kenny and Armando, two individuals whose love story has captivated the hearts of many.

The union of Kenny and Armando in 2021 marked the culmination of a remarkable journey that began when they were long-distance lovers. They first crossed paths through a support group designed for gay fathers, both navigating the challenging path of single parenthood.


At the time, Armando, aged 34, and Kenny, aged 60, found solace in connecting with individuals who shared their unique experiences and understood the demands and joys of raising children.

As dedicated viewers of “90 Day Fiancé” have come to realize, Kenny and Armando’s heartwarming connection brought together not only the two loving fathers but also their respective children, thus creating a beautiful and blended family.

In addition to Hannah, Armando’s daughter, Kenny has four children of his own, including his son Bricen and triplets named Madison, Cassidy, and Taylor. The union of these families serves as a testament to the power of love and the capacity to build a strong, supportive, and enduring family unit.


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