Who is Kristen Ishbia? Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Net Worth, Husband, Parents

Kristen Ishbia has garnered significant recognition as the wife of Justin Ishbia, a prominent billionaire hailing from the bustling city of Chicago. In recent times, their high-profile status made waves when Justin embarked on a monumental project in an affluent Lake Michigan neighborhood.


This endeavor involved the controversial demolition of shorefront bluffs on his property, an action that sparked considerable attention and debate, as reported by the esteemed Chicago Tribune. Notably, Mr. Ishbia, who co-owns the Phoenix Suns NBA team alongside his brother Mat, is actively and meticulously overseeing the construction of his colossal $44 million mega-mansion in the picturesque enclave of Winnetka.

This venture not only reflects his unwavering commitment to creating a spectacular residence but also underscores his influence in the world of sports and real estate, making the Ishbia family a focal point of interest in the realms of wealth and luxury.

Who is Kristen Ishbia?

Kristen Ishbia is widely recognized for her association as the spouse of Justin Ishbia, a distinguished billionaire whose roots trace back to the vibrant metropolis of Chicago.


Mr. Ishbia, who notably serves as the co-owner of the NBA team, the Phoenix Suns, alongside his brother Mat, is currently deeply engrossed in the supervisory role of overseeing the construction of their opulent new abode situated in the exclusive locale of Winnetka.

While specific details about Kristen Ishbia’s professional endeavors may not be as prominently known, Justin Ishbia’s remarkable achievements and colossal net worth, estimated at $2.7 billion, have captured the spotlight.


In a remarkable display of opulence and vision, Mr. Ishbia acquired a total of four shoreline parcels in the year 2020, astutely amalgamating three of them to give rise to an extravagant residential edifice spanning an awe-inspiring 68,000 square feet. This strategic acquisition reflects the couple’s commitment to creating an unparalleled living space, thereby cementing their presence as connoisseurs of luxury and architectural excellence in the esteemed circles of wealth and influence.


Kristen Ishbia

Real Name

Kristen Ishbia




Early 40’s


5 feet

Zodiac Sign


Net Worth

$10 Million to $30 Million USD

Birth Place











Justin Ishbia

Kristen Ishbia Age, Height, Parents and Siblings

Kristen Ishbia, an American in her early 40s, stands at a height of 5 feet. While her personal details such as her parents and siblings remain relatively undisclosed at this time, efforts are ongoing to gather further information about these aspects of her life.


As privacy and discretion often accompany individuals of her stature, it is not uncommon for certain familial details to be kept out of the public eye. Nevertheless, as we continue to delve into her background, we hope to uncover more about Kristen Ishbia’s family and heritage, providing a more comprehensive understanding of her life and background.

Who is Kristen Ishbia Husband?

Kristen Ishbia is married to Justin Ishbia, a distinguished billionaire with roots in the vibrant city of Chicago. Together, they reside in the affluent Gold Coast neighborhood, where they have created a luxurious and comfortable family life.


This dynamic couple shares the joys and responsibilities of parenting, as they are blessed with two children who undoubtedly form the center of their world. While the specifics of their family life are understandably private, it is evident that Kristen and Justin Ishbia have built a harmonious and prosperous household in one of the city’s most prestigious locales, where they continue to thrive personally and professionally.

What is Kristen Ishbia Net Worth?

The estimated Net Worth of Kristen Ishbia is between $10 Million to $30 Million USD.

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