Who is Mia Burleson? Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Parents

Mia Burleson, the daughter of former NFL star Nathaniel “Nate” Burleson, has recently ventured into the world of fashion and modeling. The young and talented Mia made her fashion runway debut, marking the commencement of her promising career in the modeling industry.


This remarkable achievement stands as a testament to her early passion and talent in the world of fashion, and it undoubtedly heralds the beginning of an exciting journey for the youngest and only daughter of the esteemed ‘CBS Mornings’ host.

Who is Mia Burleson?

Mia Burleson, the impressive 13-year-old daughter of former NFL star Nathaniel “Nate” Burleson, has carved a noteworthy path in the world of entertainment and sports at such a young age. Mia’s remarkable achievements include securing a coveted role as a reporter for Nickelodeon’s Primetime show, ‘NFL Slimetime.’


Her journey with the show began last year in August when she joined the team, bringing her own unique segment called ‘Big Time, Big Facts’ to the program. Recently, the primetime show returned with a fresh season, and Mia not only retained her position in the host lineup but also continued to shine brightly.

Mia’s pursuits extend beyond her hosting role, as she follows in the footsteps of her athletic family members, including her mother, Atoya. Remarkably, Mia is an accomplished football player herself, showcasing her passion for the sport and her dedication to excelling in both the world of sports and entertainment.


With her determination and talent, Mia Burleson is undoubtedly making a name for herself and leaving an indelible mark in various realms of her young and promising career.


Mia Burleson

Real Name

Mia Burleson




12 years old


4 feet tall

Zodiac Sign


Net Worth

$50K USD

Birth Place



Atoya Burleson


Nathaniel “Nate” Burleson


Nehemiah and Nathaniel Burleson II





Mia Burleson Age, Height, Patents and Siblings

Mia Burleson, born in the year 2011 in the United States, is currently 12 years old, embarking on her journey through adolescence. Standing at a height of 4 feet, Mia carries herself with the vibrancy and energy of youth.


In terms of her family, Mia is the daughter of Nathaniel “Nate” Burleson and Atoya Burleson. Her family also includes two siblings, named Nehemiah and Nathaniel Burleson II, forming a close-knit and supportive familial unit. As Mia continues to make her mark in the worlds of entertainment and sports, she does so with the love and encouragement of her family by her side.

Who is Mia Burleson Boyfriend?

Certainly, considering Mia Burleson’s tender age, it is both appropriate and respectful to refrain from discussing her relationship status.


As she continues to mature and follow her aspirations, we will diligently keep you informed of any pertinent developments in her life, including matters of personal relationships, as they arise in the future.

What is Mia Burleson Net Worth?

The estimated Net Worth of Mia Burleson  is around $50K USD.

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