Who is Olivia Flowers? Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Parents

Olivia Flowers is a multi-talented individual, donning the roles of an actress, social media personality, and Instagram influencer with finesse. Her versatility and charm have captivated the hearts of her devoted followers across various platforms.


In a thrilling twist of events, fans of the hit reality show “Southern Charm” were recently treated to an unexpected and intriguing development in the forthcoming Season 9 trailer. This teaser showcased Olivia Flowers engaged in a passionate kiss with the new cast member, Rod Razavi, instantly generating a buzz of curiosity and excitement among viewers.

The anticipation for this new season reached its peak after an agonizing wait of over a year between the release of Season 8 and the upcoming Season 9. During this hiatus, fans eagerly awaited the return of their beloved Southern Charm cast, making the forthcoming season’s premiere a highly anticipated event in the world of reality television.


Olivia Flowers’ involvement in the series promises to add a fresh and intriguing dimension to the show, and fans can hardly contain their enthusiasm for what’s in store.

Who is Olivia Flowers ?

Olivia Flowers is indeed a versatile and accomplished individual, seamlessly embodying the roles of actress, social media personality, and Instagram influencer. Her impressive body of work includes notable credits such as “We’re Pretty Terrible” (2017), “We Follow You” (2019), and “Chasing Waves” (2016), all of which underscore her talent and commitment to her craft.


Notably, Olivia’s journey to success began with a strong foundation in academics and sports, having graduated from Westlake Academy where she achieved the remarkable feat of becoming a state champion as a member of their Varsity basketball team. This early display of dedication and excellence set the stage for her subsequent achievements.

In the digital realm, Olivia Flowers has garnered a substantial and engaged following on Instagram, boasting an impressive 144,000 followers and a portfolio of 220 captivating posts at the time of writing this article. Her social media presence not only reflects her dynamic personality but also serves as a platform for sharing her creative endeavors with a global audience.

Beyond her on-screen and online pursuits, Olivia is a well-rounded individual who pursued higher education at Clemson University, culminating in her graduation in May 2015. This academic milestone further underscores her commitment to personal growth and learning.

Remarkably, Olivia Flowers has expanded her skill set over the years, evolving from her initial role as a model to become a proficient photographer and videographer. Her ability to diversify her talents demonstrates her adaptability and determination in a competitive industry.



Olivia Flowers

Real Name

Olivia Flowers


April 27, 1992


31 years old


5.5 feet tall

Zodiac Sign


Net Worth

$300K USD

Birth Place









Rod Razavi



Olivia Flowers Age, Height, Parents and Siblings

Olivia Flowers, born on April 27, 1992, in the United States, currently stands at the age of 31, marking the passage of time and her continued evolution in both her personal and professional life.

While specific details about her parents and siblings remain elusive at this juncture, our dedicated efforts are underway to uncover more information about her familial background. In terms of her physical stature, Olivia possesses a height of 5 feet 5 inches (5.5 feet), a characteristic that adds to her unique presence and charm.


As she continues to make her mark in the world of entertainment and social media, fans and admirers eagerly anticipate learning more about the multifaceted Olivia Flowers, not only as a public figure but as a person with a distinct and intriguing personal history.

Who is Olivia Flowers Boyfriend?

The romance blossoming between Olivia Flowers and Rod Razavi paints a picture of youthful nostalgia and genuine connection. Their enchanting journey takes an enchanting turn as they embark on their first date, set against the backdrop of a serene park.

Rod Razavi, clearly eager to make this date memorable, arrived fully prepared, carrying a bag filled with sandwiches and Capri Suns, which he presented with an endearing declaration: “Yeah, we’re doing, like, full-on high school vibes.”

This delightful choice of date fare not only harkens back to the simplicity and innocence of high school romance but also showcases the thoughtful and fun-loving nature of their budding relationship.


As they enjoy their picnic in the park, surrounded by the beauty of nature and the intoxicating thrill of new romance, Olivia and Rod’s connection deepens, creating a heartwarming and memorable chapter in their love story.

Their shared laughter, genuine smiles, and the nostalgic flavors of sandwiches and Capri Suns all contribute to the magic of this enchanting moment, leaving onlookers with a sense of hope and joy for the future of this charming couple.

What is Olivia Flowers Net Worth?

The estimated Net Worth of Olivia Flowers is around $300K USD.

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