Who is Sharlee Jeter? Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Net Worth, Husband, Parents

Sharlee Jeter is indeed well-known as the sister of the legendary baseball icon Derek Jeter. However, her influence and impact extend beyond her familial connection.


Sharlee has taken on significant roles within Derek’s various businesses, showcasing her talent and acumen in high-powered positions. To gain deeper insights into Sharlee Jeter’s personal and professional life, let’s explore her journey, contributions, and achievements in the world of business and beyond.

Who is Sharlee Jeter?

Sharlee Jeter is not only known for her familial connection to Derek Jeter but also for her own impressive achievements and contributions. As a star athlete, she harbored dreams of representing her country in the Olympics, despite being in her brother Derek’s shadow.


In her professional life, Sharlee holds high-powered positions in several of Derek’s businesses, showcasing her leadership and strategic prowess. She serves as the president of the Turn 2 Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by Derek Jeter that focuses on youth development and community engagement.

Additionally, she holds the role of VP of Strategy & Development at Jeter Ventures, a company associated with Derek’s various ventures. Sharlee also plays a crucial role in overseeing both the children and adult divisions of Jeter Publishing, contributing to the literary and publishing aspect of Derek’s endeavors.

Sharlee’s own journey as a young adult cancer survivor has further shaped her perspective and determination. She co-authored the book “The Stuff: Unlock Your Power to Overcome Challenges, Soar, and Succeed,” which explores how individuals can overcome hardships, drawing parallels to her own resilience in the face of adversity.


She is a graduate of Kalamazoo Central High School, where the Jeter family’s deep connection to baseball was evident, as they lived next door to the school’s softball and baseball complex. Sharlee Jeter’s multi-faceted career and her dedication to making a positive impact in various fields demonstrate her strength and commitment to excellence beyond her brother’s legacy.


Sharlee Jeter

Real Name

Sharlee Jeter




44 years old


5.7 feet tall

Zodiac Sign


Net Worth

$1 Million USD

Birth Place












Sharlee Jeter Age, Height, Parents and Siblings

Sharlee Jeter was born in the United States in 1979, which makes her 44 years old as of the current date. Standing at a height of 5.7 feet, she possesses a commanding presence that complements her successful career and contributions.


Sharlee is the daughter of Sanderson Charles Jeter and Dorothy Jeter, and she has a well-known sibling, Derek Jeter. These familial connections have played a role in her journey but have not overshadowed her own achievements and accomplishments in various fields.

Who is Sharlee Jeter Husband?

Sharlee Jeter’s personal life has seen various chapters, including her past engagement to rapper Skyzoo. However, the couple eventually went their separate ways. Sharlee is now a single mother, raising her son Jalen Jeter-Martin, who she shares with DJ Premier. They reside in New Jersey, where she provides a nurturing environment for her son.


In a touching tribute to her son on Instagram in June 2023, Sharlee expressed her deep affection and pride in Jalen on his 12th birthday. She highlighted his kindness, eagerness to learn, friendship qualities, and capacity to love, emphasizing the joy and purpose he has brought into her life. This heartfelt message illustrates the strong bond between Sharlee and her son and her commitment to being a loving and supportive parent.

What is Sharlee Jeter  Net Worth?

The estimated Net Worth of Sharlee Jeter is around $1 Million USD.


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